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Thursday, January 28, 2010

HOW You Join our clan~

if the pros see this post
pls shut ur mouth up like saying:"dun join noob clan" or what bla bla bla....that is only ppl without Educated will say that~

u can sms to the Gageqd 0177607094
he will let u choose u want to versus who in the clan...
in the player list~u can choose the ppl u want to fight and tell gageqd


u and the clan member (gageqd choose for u , or u choose urs...)
will fight each 5 rounds in dust2 alley / awp_india / de_inferno alley

5 rounds u wil 3 rounds or win 5 rounds full u can join our clan ^_^

after join the clan~
u must giv ur

cs name:
gg name:
skype: <<<----------------------MUST GIVE!!

sry for my noob english :P hehe
forgive me pls~

by Gageqd - ^.<